Many parts of the US West are in a multi-year drought, and water supplies are at all time lows, for example in the Lake Powell and Lake Mead reservoirs. Although there are drought years in the US Midwest and East, on average water is in relative abundance in comparison to…

I'm slowly but surely reading your book "They Don't Represent Us".

I agree that the filibuster has to go. And because of voting rights. Challenges to voting rights won't go anywhere in the courts given the makeup of the Supreme Court.

I recently submitted to the publisher, Mathematics of Computation, “The Nonuniform Frequency Dependent Fast Fourier Transform”. The algorithm is close to my heart for personal reasons.

Fast Fourier transforms are algorithms that rapidly transform data between the time and frequency domains. Normally such an algorithm requires N² operations, where N…

UNIX has for many decades had the fork() function call, which allows parent processes to spawn independent child processes. These days many people use multithreading within a singe process, for example using OpenMP. This has the advantage that all threads share the same memory (address space). Fork differs from multithreading…

Matthew Fulkerson

Just a former physicist turned applied mathemetician

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